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Thursday, June 18, 2015

The LoanSafe.Org page on Guild Mortgage - Some advicel

There is an article on regarding some alleged fraud on the part of Guild Mortgage by user "soooomad" in 2011.

The accusations range from predatory loan practices:

"We have just recently found out that the bank committed fraud in that the loan was predatory in nature as they knew that he would not be able to afford the loan as his workers comp payments were going to stop within a 2 year time frame."
to illegal foreclosure:

"We also found out that the bank illegally foreclosed on us about a year ago and then accepted forbearance payments from us for 4 months! The biggest issue with that was that we were never notified that we were even in foreclosure until the bank posted a sale notice on our door back in mid april of this year and the sale date was for the 5th of may 2011! "

and ends with the user stating they are going to sue Guild Mortgage for fraud:

"Again, guild mortgage never, ever sent us any documentation as to their filing for foreclosure or the transfer through mers or attempted to call us/answer emails/etc... In order to work this out and we are now beyond the point of working anything out with them. The only option left is to sue them for fraud."

The community members on LoanSafe give some excellent advice on how to handle situations like these, including contact phone numbers and addresses for the Attorney General and how to dispute the debt with Guild Mortgage Company's litigation department.

If you are experiencing a similar hardship with loan practices you find predatory or think you are dealing with fraudulent foreclosures, this page has some advice that could be of use.

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