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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guild Mortgage on Pissed Consumer

Guild Mortgage is unable to escape the negative publicity their practices bring on. Pissed Consumer has several negative reviews relating to using Guild alongside builders and

An anonymous user in November of 2014 who was using Guild Mortgage with a new construction in partnership with their builder ended their story with:

"We would never advise that anyone do business with Guild as a result and there is no way we would ever recommend using them to finance a home. We hope you consider this letter in the future as I am sure these complaints will arise again with future buyers."

 June 5, 2013 a user from Kirkland, Washington posted:

"Unfortunately, Guild Mortgage in Kirkland, WA completely demolished my financing, lied and cost me my sale.Our loan officer was nice at first to get us to sign up and then it was all downhill from there.
The manager never called us back, he ignored our calls, did not lock our loan like they said, failed to disclose our fees correctly and we had to go to the state Mortgage Comissioner to complain before they finally assigned us a "temp"."
A company with mortgage in their name should be able to lock in a mortgage, no?

Again, we see people complaining about the lack of follow through on the part of Guild Mortgage, failed customer service opportunities, and the loss of a sale for this individual.  

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