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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guild Mortgage Office in San Diego on Yelp

San Diego is where Guild Mortgage is headquartered. I am no business major, but it seems to me that prior to being able to successfully service an entire country of offices, you would have buckled down in your own back yard.

This is simply not the case with Guild.

I am assuming that this is the front face of their headquarters building, of which they occupy three floors.

Julio R in 2010 reiterates what we already know about their poor customer service, but adds that they don't keep paperwork straight. He warns to "stay away".
"Guild is the worst company to deal with if you have any questions with your loan.  When you call you are on hold for over 30 minutes and everyone wants to transfer you to someone else.  We never got new payment statements when our payment went down and no one knew how to get them to us and we are trying to give them money.  We sent in two months payments as stated on our stub received and they applied one month as extra principal instead of the month it was to cover and then sent us a statement saying we were a month behind.  Come on, Guild needs to get it together.  We work hard to have our home and don't need the extra stress of a company that can't get their paperwork straight.  Guild mortgage looks out for their own interest and is not there for the people.  I would stay away."
There are FIVE mentions of both the words "horrible" and "terrible" as applied to Guild Mortgage for their hometown office! The common theme in San Diego is that there are continuous streams of paperwork errors which are costing people time and money, it is difficult to get a representative of Guild on the phone, and that their loans or refinances were sold to/given to Guild and then Guild treated these individuals poorly.

Riddhi in San Diego says:
"HORRIBLE. I wish i could rate them with zero stars. We chose guild mortgage recently and we are appalled at their lack of professionalism. They added last minute costs which were not communicated to us. This cost the brokers knew all long but failed to tell us. MISLEADING. They made so many mistakes during the transactions. Their closing costs were ENORMOUS. More than most major banks. And on the closing date they charged us 1,400 more than agreed upon. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. We went with them inspite of a higher interest rate hoping the transaction will be smooth but they are such amateurs. NEVER chose them. Closing the deal should make us as homeowners feel happy about buying a house but they made us feel stressed and tensed with more money to shell out. We should not have chosen them in the first place."
Last minute costs, paperwork errors, increases in closing costs, increases in interest rate - but no increase at all in customer care or investment in outcome by Guild Mortgage.

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