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Monday, July 6, 2015

Pissed Consumer - Guild Mortgage

Spread across six complaints, Guild Mortgage is accused of causing over 10K in losses on Pissed Consumer.

As alleged on other review sites, customers cite the lack of professionalism and misleading practices as top complaints.

This review of an Atlanta office calls out an assistant by the name of Alec Norets. They claim massive delays in the underwriting, causing them to have to pay out of pocket to the sellers.
"Go with another mortgage company, and avoid Alec Norets, an assistant of Michael Dunn, in San Diego.His laziness and non-responsiveness to our calls and emails caused our closing to be delayed twice.
We had to pay the seller of the home hundreds of dollars because Alec Norets can't do his job efficiently and correctly. We had all of our paperwork in and ready to go for months in advance, and his laziness to get it to the underwriter delayed us and cost us.
Please do yourself a favor and don't get stuck with this company holding your loan.We had a much better experience with Mutual of Omaha for our first home loan."

 Another user posted about Ralph Ponce with Guild Mortgage in El Centro.

It is a long, but useful read if you are considering using Guild Mortgage, but here is an excerpt:

"So many things have happened in the middle of our buying process that we are ready to walk. I cannot believe what a nightmare this has been and how many errors have been made by Ralph Ponce of Guild Mortgage, El Centro. Terrible experience and he blames us for his mistakes and seems confused about everything. My suggestion if you have to use this company, have all conversations via email. Paper trails are good."

I have seen the suggestion of maintaining a paper trail a few times reading the reviews out there. This doesn't seem to be a complaint about Ralph Ponce, per say, but about the entire process and includes a lot of lost time and finger pointing.


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